TrOWL is a Tractable reasoning infrastructure for OWL 2. TrOWL supports not only standard TBox and ABox reasoning, but also conjunctive query answering in SPARQL. Download TrOWL now and check how to get started.

The approach of TrOWL is to offer tractable support for all the expressive power of OWL2 by using quality guaranteed (in terms of soundness and/or completeness) language transformations. In particular, TrOWL utilises a semantic approximation to transform OWL2-DL ontologies into OWL2-QL for conjunctive query answering and a syntactic approximation from OWL2-DL to OWL2-EL for TBox and ABox reasoning. TrOWL contains an OWL2 profile checker to detect which profile an ontology may already fit into.

TrOWL is the only OWL 2 reasoner that supports stream reasoning service so far. It is also the first OWL 2 reasoner that supports non-monotonic local closed world reasoning via Negation as failure Box (NBox).

For further information about TrOWL, please contact Jeff Z. Pan.