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TrOWL v0.6.3 Released

The first release of TrOWL to support OWLAPI 3.2 is now available for download. This version includes a new release of the REL reasoner, giving better performance and better coverage of corner case ontologies. Please note that as of TrOWL v0.6.x, support for OWLAPI 2.x has been dropped. We will continue to maintain version 0.5.x for legacy users, this will continue to be available on the download page for the foreseeable future.

Protege 4.1b Plugin

A version of TrOWL tailored to Protege 4.1 beta has been released. You can download it from here. To install it, just copy it into the plugins folder in your Protege 4.1 installation. If you are using Protege on an Apple, you should right click on the application icon and select “Show contents”, you should be able to find the plugins folder in here.

A full release of TrOWL (version 0.6.0) supporting OWLAPI 3.1 will be released soon.

TrOWL v0.0.1 Available

You can now get TrOWL’s initial public release from our download page. More documentation and an extended guide for TrOWL will be published soon as part of this public release. Please contact us if you have any problems or comments.

TrOWL will be available very soon

TrOWL is a Tractable reasoning infrastructure for OWL 2. TrOWL supports both standard TBox and ABox reasoning, as well as conjunctive query answering. Download TrOWL now and check how to get started.

The approach of TrOWL is to offer tractable support for all the expressive power of OWL2 by using quality guaranteed (in terms of soundness and/or completeness) language transformations. In particular, TrOWL utilises a semantic approximation to transform OWL2-DL ontologies into OWL2-QL for conjunctive query answering and a syntactic approximation from OWL2-DL to OWL2-EL for TBox and ABox reasoning. In addition, TrOWL contains an OWL2 profile checker to detect which profile an ontology may already fit into, and it also allows the use of  plug-in heavyweight reasoners, such as Fact++, Pellet, HermiT and Racer.

Public Release countdown

The countdown towards a public release is now under way. Internal testing on the MOST project has gone very well, and so we will have a public download ahead of WWW2010 at the end of April. If you would like to be informed when it becomes available, please drop Edward Thomas an email, at