Using TrOWL in Command Line

TrOWL contains two scripts to allow you and load and query data from the command line. These are found in the bin/ folder in your TrOWL installation.

Loading Data

To load data, you need to specify the file name or URL of the input file, the loader to use with the data file, and the repository you would like to store the data in. The available loaders are:

  • OWLDLLoader (OWL2 Direct Semantics)
  • OWLQLLoader (OWL2-QL)
  • RDFLoader (RDF DL)

To see how the command should be formatted, use load –help

Querying Data

This tool allows SPARQL queryies to be executed from the command line. The name of the repository and either a SPARQL query or a filename containing a SPARQL  query should be passed to the command.