Using TrOWL with Semantic MediaWiki

• Requires Extension:Semantic_MediaWiki
• Requires Extension:SparqlExtension
• Requires Joseki+TDB+ TrOWL (see also Using TrOWL with Joseki and TDB)

First of all, set up Joseki and TDB with TrOWL support. In your LocalSettings.php, change the MYHOST to the name of your Joseki server.

$sparqlEndpointConfiguration = array(
"service_url" => "http://MYHOST/joseki/sparql", // wherever the endpoint is -- could be
"update_url" => "http://MYHOST/joseki/update/service", // wherever the endpoint is
// change these parameters only if you are going to use the extension with a non-standard endpoint
"query_parameter" => "query", // the query parameter used by the endpoint - usually "query"
"output_type_parameter" => "output", // the output type parameter used by the endpoint - usually "output"
"default_type" => "csv" // the default type of output from an endpoint (xml, csv and json supported)