You can download the latest versions of:

  • TrOWL version 1.5 (the TrOWL ontology reasoning infrastructure and its reasoners).
  • TrOWL-BGP version 1.2 (the SPARQL API of TrOWL for conjunctive query answering).
  • Protégé plug-in version 1.5 for Protégé 4.3.
  • OWL-DBC version 1.1 (the API for connecting TrOWL with Oracle RDF Semantic Graph). Find out more about OWL-DBC.

You can download previous versions of:

TrOWL is available under dual licensing terms:

  • For open source applications, TrOWL may be used under the terms of the AGPL license.
  • For proprietary, closed source applications, and other commercial applications, TrOWL is available under alternative license terms; please direct your inquires to Jeff Z. Pan.