OWL-DBC is a set of JAVA APIs that connect the TrOWL reasoning infrastructure with the native inference capabilities of Oracle Spatial and Graph and provides combined query answering services for enterprise semantic knowledge bases. It has the following advantages:

  • It enhances the native, forward-chaining based reasoning support in Oracle Spatial and Graph for W3C RDFS, OWL 2 RL and EL profiles, and user-defined rules with cutting edge syntactic approximate reasoning services, enhancing its support for complex ontologies in expressive ontology languages.
  • It combines the TrOWL reasoning infrastructure with the scalable Oracle Database triple/quad store provided by Oracle Spatial and Graph, allowing TrOWL to handle extreme large data sets.
  • It provides tractable, sound and practically complete materialisation for OWL 2 DL ontologies, which can be further exploited to perform efficient and scalable query answering services.
  • It provides multiple configurations that can be used to optimise the performance of the system, depending on the size, language profile, and other factors of the knowledge base and its users.
The latest release of OWL-DBC with examples can be downloaded here.
More details about the functionalities provided by OWL-DBC can be found in the OWL-DBC White Paper, which is also announced at Oracle’s OTN site.